Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's the recipes that you create yourself that are the best...

I started this blog almost a year ago, and I haven't yet done much to it, nor has anyone even read it. Surprisingly I am actually fine with that, and I know that eventually it will be something for friends and family to read if no one else.

My last post was on March 16, 2010. Having graduated in December of 2009 I was now embarking on the post grad life that no one talks about. The hushed unemployed, living at home, and wallowing in self pity phase. However, it just so happens that when I decided to do something about it, the very day I wrote that post I found the most amazing internship which I eventually got in Washington D.C. It had all the criteria I was looking for, non-profit (check), concentrated on a worthy population (check), involved food (check), fundraising (check), great people (check), wonderful atmosphere (check), and I felt I was making a difference in the world...or maybe just in some peoples world (quadruple check!)

I now know that the correlation between wanting something and getting something is being proactive aka positive. It makes sense, make a plan and follow through with all your determination and you can succeed. I have to believe that if you really want something to happen you can make it happen (of course this is limited to particular and deemed somewhat possible events).

While I may be back home again in Philadelphia, I was able to get another internship at a similar non-profit organization. Yes, I am living at home, and going to an internship of which is unpaid but I know that I am at least still in the right direction and not sitting on my laurels. I will get to where I want to go in good time. But in the mean time I bake.

I have decided as another step in the reconfiguring of myself during this unstable time in life, that this blog will be devoted to my baking and culinary trials, tribulations and triumphs. I am an avid baker and somewhat adequate cook. Of course I will sprinkle in a little of my day to day life into this blog from time to time, just to keep things interesting. I hope that everyone that reads this will be able to take away a little something from this blog, whether it be a recipe, a word of wisdom, words of stupidity, or picking up a passion for the little things in life such as a cookie.

So here we go....creating my own recipe for life
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