Monday, February 7, 2011

Thailand Flashback

Definitely having a case of the Mondays so time to look back at past travels again.

I went on a trip with a group called International Student Volunteers. We volunteered for 2 weeks at Elephant Nature Park a reserve for abused Asian elephants and then traveled around the country for the 2 remaining weeks. This trip changed my life forever.

Cleaning Mae Elu

The Grand Palace

Before Snorkling

Taking a break from kayaking

Which is the statue?

Mammoth and I with a machete

Hope and Mae Boon Ma

Sticky white rice and mangoes

Rain Forest

Baby Ele

Before rappelling

View from rappelling

The Grand Palace in Bangkok


Feeding Mae Boon Ma

I need to go back here ASAP

* If you have any questions about Thailand or places to go and see email me!


  1. Yayyy! I still miss it every day

  2. sooooo add this to the list of places that i want to go.....asap.


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