Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things you don't know about me II

I am having a love affair with Michael Pollan's books right now

I named my computer Nilly because she is white like vanilla, wait not everyone names inanimate objects? oh

I laugh at most everything

I don't drink milk

I may or may not have eaten most of those chocolate apricots in one sitting

I hate the sound of people scrapping ice off their car windshield

I have taken a shower in the rain before

When I was young I sucked on my pointer finger, not my thumb

When I worked at a farmers market my sister's mean high school art teacher came in to buy bread and I over charged him 50 cents

Thai ice tea is one of my favorite things in the world

My philosophy in life is give, live, love

You know I'm comfortable with you if I sing to the radio in your car

I hate blue cheese

Only a few select people consistantly call me Brookie


  1. ohhhh how i love learning new things about you. it seems i have some reading to do, any book by micheal pollen that you particularly would recommend? you know how i love to read new books. i also love your confession of over charging that teacher haha nice....that showed him! love ya!!

  2. I am reading The Botany of Desire right now, its about the origins of plants and the idea that plants have used humans to survive and evolve stronger. I want to read the omnivores dilemma and In the Defense of Food. They are all about plant based food and politics and the human diet.


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