Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Little Package

Look what I got in the mail! I love getting packages. There's nothing like seeing a little brown box waiting for you by your door when you get home.

A whole box of assorted Larabars!

My aunt works at a heath food store and was able to send me these so I could try all these great flavors!! I tried the coconut cream pie and I was in heaven, literally it was magical. I also tried the blueberry and I was really surprised how much I liked it.

Thanks Susan!

Other flavors I can't wait to try......

Carrot cake
Cinnamon roll
Banana bread

Other flavors I still love....

Apple pie
Peanut butter chocolate chip
Peanut butter cookie

I like these bars because the ingredient list is always short and real fruit and nuts and little else. I just feel that if I'm looking for a snack I might as well pick something good. I mean honestly they are GMO free, kosher, dairy free, gluten free, soy free and vegan.

*Warning- Larabar's are an aquired taste. I recommend them for the reasons stated above but I also completely understand why people would dislike them too. Give em a try if you're feeling a little brave!

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