Monday, May 9, 2011

Passport to the EU

This weekend in DC was the EU Embassies open house. All countries part of the European Union opened their doors to the public with food and goodies.

Since I have no money to actually travel abroad at the moment this was the closest I was going to get to Europe without evening leaving DC.

It was really crowded, I mean lets be honest, free food, transportation and trinkets naturally brought people out of the woodwork. But despite the mass of people I was quite the "world traveler" on Saturday. I managed to go to 6 countries including Estonia, Romania, Greece, Lavtia, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

The Embassy of The Netherlands was beautiful inside and out.

And Greece had quite the line, we waited for probably 30-45 mintues to get in there. All I could think of was stuffed grape leaves that I would walk out with. And of course they were out when we got there.

But they had dancers

And a strange anise flavored soda that I couldn't quite get into.

But they did have Greek yogurt with apricot preserves which was the best yogurt I have ever had in my life. It was worth waiting in line just for that tiny little cup of the nectar of the Gods.

I believe it was Latvia that had this little treat waiting for us. Dried cured fish of some sort. We bravely tried it and it tasted quite fishy as expected. Not good or bad just fishy.

The United Kingdom gave out reusable flag bags and whiskey. Can't you tell he was pretty excited about all this?

The United Kingdom Embassy was beautiful. Literally I want to live there. Large brick bulding with big shutters and breath taking gardens...sigh.

Oh and didn't you know I was invited to the royal wedding? Kate and Will's are my BFF's. I even had a picture taken of us at the wedding together. This one needs to be framed.

We even got a little passport to get stamped at all the places we visited "just as if we were really in Europe" minus all the pesky customs and baggage issues.

Okay, so maybe it was nothing like traveling abroad but hey it was a mini taste of what the countries have to offer and a unique look into the embassies of the European Union. I would have loved to go to all of them but alas they were spread out all over the city and the lines were massive.

I guess it just means I will have to actually go to the countries I missed, there are quite a few!

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  1. that is so awesome!! man, you have picnics in the park, you have tons of museums, and fun events like traveling to europe! DC sounds like a fun place....fine i'll come and visit :D


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