Monday, July 11, 2011

I'd Rather Get Salmonella

Last week my friend Caitlin asked me to bake with her, she found a recipe through a friend and wanted to test it out. I agreed instantly, I just had to see Caitlin's baking skills.

To give some background, Caitlin and I were college roommates and now conveniently live one apartment building away from each other. Throughout all of college Caitlin had a selective palate, most of her food could be microwaved so she doesn't cook all that often. However, she loves chocolate so shes done some baking but how involved the baking has been, I'm not too sure.

This my friends is how Caitlin gets ready to bake.


The recipe was for a layer cookie dough brownie. We decided to use boxed brownie mix because 1.) I think its just as good as made from scratch and 2.) it takes way less effort.

Yes, we may have over cooked the brownies a little. Don't judge.

This is what happens when Caitlin measures flour.

The idea behind these layer bars is that the brownie is cooked but the cookie dough is not and therefore the recipe is tailored to not having egg so that there is no risk of samonella.

Good in theory, right?

Until we tried the cookie dough.

It looked like cookie dough, it smelled like cookie dough but it tasted like flour and definitely was not sweet enough.

We tried to make it taste better by adding sugar and it helped a little. So naturally we continued on our efforts to make this work.

I mean freezing it and making it all meld together would make these taste amazing, or at least thats what we told ourselves.

And clearly while we waited there was some, singing, some incredibly talented dancing, and a lot of giggling. Caitlin even put on her new toe shoes to show me.

When all was said and done we even doctored it up by adding chocolate to the top.

Caitlin's an artitst, no?

We wanted to like it, we wanted to love it and yet we just couldn't. It just tasted so...awful.

The theme of the night became "I'd rather get salmonella than eat these".

So no friends, I will not be giving out this recipe and you should consider that a gift. See, I love you!

I suggest if you attempt something like this to stick with regular cookie dough recipes and or if salmonella freaks you out enough use egg beaters instead of raw eggs.

Me? I will risk the salmonella every time!

Disclaimer: While I choose to eat raw egg and risk getting salmonella, I am not endorsing the consumption of raw eggs. Use your judgement and eat what you think is best for you.


  1. I can whole heartedly agree with Brooke on how bad these brownies were. Caitlin even tried to pawn them off on guests, how sweet of her. Better luck next time.

  2. Hahahahahaha greatest post ever! Too bad I had to send back those shoes (too small). But don't even worry, they will be back, new and improved, next week!


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