Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry after Christmas

The whole fam (thats me in the red striped collared top and grey cardigan)

It seems as though the holidays have gone as quickly as they came.

On Christmas eve my family went to my god mothers house for cocktails and then to my grandfathers for a low key dinner. This is a little different than our usual Christmas eve traditions because this is the first year we are celebrating without my grandmother. We all just wanted to make things a little easier and care free so that her absence wasn't overbearing.

And on Christmas we woke up and opened presents. Boy did I make out this year! I got really great gifts, including a new tart pan, pastry bags and tips, lululemon gift certificate, fossil makeup case,cirque du soleil tickets and a cute cardigan just to name a few.

Then I proceeded to make twice baked potatoes and a birthday cake for the events at night. These two tasks took all day and were well worth it in the end. We then had family and friends over for turkey, twice baked potatoes, green beans and cranberry sauce dinner which was delicious and great fun. And then my boyfriend topped the night off by showing up in a red onezy.


And clearly this has all exhausted Cosmo my cat who is sleeping off the holidays.

Now I am taking the day to recuperate and play in the impending snow fall!

More recipes from the holidays to come.


  1. I got lululemon stuff this year!! I also got an 11 piece cookie/cake/cupcake decorating kit that i'm dyinggggg to get my hands and would love to show you haha....also vegetarian cookbook!! ahhhh Christmas...a time when foodies around the world get new gadgets to play with in the kitchen :D

    ps nice footie pajams :P

  2. Hahaha I can't believe that Jeff allows this picture to be posted for the world to see. Classic!


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