Sunday, December 26, 2010

Your's, Mine and Who's?

I wanted to clear something up and or explain something to my "readers".

Yes, I love to bake. And I do consider a lot of recipes that I have to be my "own". However, this is somewhat of a fib. I do not sit down and come up with all recipes on my own from scratch. Most recipes come from different cookbooks and baking books I own. I give full credit to these books when I post the recipes.

The reason I call them my recipes is because out of all the recipes for that particular baked good I consider these recipes to be the best. The best tasting, the best to make and the most fool proof recipes(most of the time). These are the recipes I use all the time, the ones I grab when I want a really solid product.

Believe me, the day I start really experimenting and coming up with all my own recipes...everyone will know!

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