Thursday, December 16, 2010

Star struck? No blogger struck!

Have you seen the movie Julie and Julia? Well if not let me explain. Julie becomes a food blogger to add some spice to her life, and she attempts to make all of Julia Child's recipes from her cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking in one years time.

Throughout the film Julie feels more and more connected with Julia as she goes through her recipes and learns about her life. She feels like they are kindred spirits, as if she really knows Julia.

Well this very thing has happened to me. No, I am not writing about Julia Child's recipes (they all seem so far out of my league)and no, I do not feel as though I know Julia Child in any shape or form. But I did receive an email back from my favorite blogger!!!

I confess I do not think I would get very star struck around many "real" celebrities but put me in front of Ina Garten or Nigella Lawson and I swear I might fall over. They may not be the most world renown cooks in the world but they know presentation, style, simple good recipes in which they do not skimp and honestly they just have a way with words.

Anyway, I digress

I got into food blogs about a year ago and one stood out. I have three words for you, Eat Live Run. I fell in love. Jenna flat out has great content, whether she was documenting what she ate for every meal or what she has whipped up in a frenzy or just explaining her daily life. Her personality shines through in everything she blogs about. Through reading her blog I feel like I know Jenna. I imagine us as great friends, with our aprons on, sipping coffee (or wine)baking French macarons and laughing.

*Yes I do see how this could sound very creepy and stalker like*

And it simply isn't the case at all. I just feel as though I've been through the up's and down's along with Jenna the past year and strangely it feels as though she's been through mine. She's like my secret pen pal that I've never met and I don't actually write too. I see myself in her in a lot of ways which is probably why I like to read her blog so much.

I wrote a very simple email to her about blog etiquette (adding her to a blogroll) because I am new to this blog-her world, and the fact that she wrote back just made me plain giddy and quite frankly a little blogger struck. This is probably due to the fact that this time her writing was addressed solely to me, Brooke. But it just made her seem so real, like a real pen pal or friend.

And so if this post has not totally weirded you out and makes you intrigued as I meant it too, check out her blog!

So now I will go bask in my nerdy giddiness and choke on the coughing that ensues.

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