Thursday, January 20, 2011

Honesty and Bowling

I want to be honest on my blog. I don't want to just paint a pretty picture.

This is a very exciting time in my life. Getting this "job" was what I wanted for a long time. However, up rooting myself and coming down to DC has been pretty difficult for me.

I am lucky that I am starting a position with a company that I have worked for before, it did make it less stressful, but notice the word less. It is still stressful walking back into the working world. I am still getting my footing back in the office. It is exciting that I will have more responsibilities this time around but also daunting. Overwhelmed is a good word to describe all of this.

I am currently living with friends in Silver Spring Maryland, on their dining room floor to be exact. It's incredibly nice of them to just let me stay free of charge and take up their dining room space but after awhile I definitely crave having my own space or maybe just a door. And craigslist and I are not getting along.

Since all of this happened somewhat all of the sudden I feel a little unprepared and definitely stressed.

I am so lucky to have friends down here and my boyfriend whereas I could have moved and not known a single person. And I am very lucky to like where I work and the people I work with. I really am thankful for all of it but I don't want to paint a rosy picture when in reality things aren't so rosy.

I am overwhelmed but optimistic.

In more exciting news....I went bowling with my co-workers during a staff retreat which was actually really fun. However, while I may be an excellent Wii bowler in reality I am horrible. So horrible that my score was 37 for 10 whole frames.

I won't quit my day job.

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  1. honesty is always the best policy....right? i think it goes something like that. the good news: it can't stay like this forever!! it will change! something will turn up in terms of an apartment, you will figure out this whole fabulous working girl thing (you already have the fab part down :P) and things will work out. may not feel like it at the moment but they will!! i'm so jealous you are able to move to a different city, go for a job you really want, and figure it all out! man you are a grown up...when i grow up i wanna be like you. no seriously. keep your head up, stuff your sad faces in a sack, and look for positives in each day!! ps real bowling is hard and i definitely prefer wii bowling :D


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