Sunday, January 30, 2011


Bonjour mes amis

Boy do I have a case of the Sundays.

So on days like this I like to look back at really great experiences or times in my life.

I give you Paris!

I went to the city of lights in the summer of 2009 for one week and well J'adore Paris! I loved everything about it. The language, the sights, and the FOOD!

Honestly, if you're interested in pastry like me then there is no better place to see and taste the best pastries in the world. Eclairs, macarons, petit pain au chocolat, baguettes, crepes, croissant, brioche...I am officially salivating.

The Eiffel tower sparkling, Arc de Triomphe framing the Champs Elysees, Cathedral Notre Dame and Monet's blooming garden were breath taking.

Anyway, I will let the pictures do the talking...

Okay I am a little more "recharged" for the week...a little.

I can't wait until I can travel abroad again and learn, see, and EAT more!!

A la prochaine!

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  1. Fine I'll go back to Paris with you. I think an excellent addition to this blog would be a "taste around the world" trip; this would involve you, me, travelling to different countries around the world, and eating. not tempted yet??? did i mention we'd be eating at different countries around the world....because i'm pretty sure there are lots of delicious tasting foods that i've never heard of that are calling our names. i'll start booking the trip today...


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