Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wash that **** out of my hair

Look what I found!

I've searched far and wide for this shampoo and now I am never letting go.

Check out these stats:

- no lauryl/laureth sulfates
- Safe for colored hair
- Bio-degradable
- No animal by-products
- No animal testing
- certified organic
and the bottle is recyclable

It smells great, doesn't make your hair feel like a tangled mess of hay and it really wasn't that expensive.

I still haven't gotten a bio-degradable body wash or soap but its the next step.

This brand looks really great, they have body wash, lotion and scrubs and aluminum free deoterants. I will definitely be testing out these products.

Soon I can cross off one of my 2011 goals already!


  1. yay for accomplishing goals for 2011!!!!

    Some of mine include:
    - trying all different recipes both cooking and baking esp. regarding some vegetarian recipes
    - making working out a priority
    - keeping in contact with family and friends on a regular basis
    - travel to a new place

    you are that much closer! yay!!! please keep the goals for 2011 updated...also good luck in DC!!!! :D

  2. It makes me nervous that it bio-degrades... that doesn't sound like something I want in my hair. By the way, I love your blog. Im catching up on all your posts.


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