Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Little Something Vegan

When I started my vegetarian month I mentioned trying some vegan products as well as sticking to my plain no meat diet. Well I did just that.

First: Masala veggie burgers from Trader Joes

These frozen gems are so tasty. I could eat these all the time but they definitely do not fill you up. The ingredient list is easily readable and normal. I give them a B+

*Fun Fact: Emily at the DailyGarnish even made her own version on these burgers and they look even better!

Second: Larabars
These are vegan, non-gmo, dairy free, gluten-free and kosher...holy crap

These taste okay, but I won't lie they are weird. The ingredient list is super small, the main ingredients in most of the bars is dates and nuts. Therefore they are a bit heavy but not completely filling. My favorite flavors are apple pie and peanut butter cookie. *Gag Warning stay away from the cashew cookie flavor, it tasted like a block of cement mixed with a weird floral taste.

Basically these are hit or miss. I give them a C

These products are definitely interesting and worth a try, I plan on trying some more. And maybe even venturing into gluten free items.


  1. Love your blog colors! I wish I had TJ's - argh! Must move to the States...but Le Sol makes good veggie burgers :)

  2. Thanks! Where do you get Le Sol veggie burgers, Whole Foods?

  3. Brooke gluten free things taste really good you should try them


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