Friday, December 31, 2010

So this is the new year

Happy New Years Eve!

I am not very good at new years resolutions and or goals for the new year. I usually keep them pretty simple and some how I still don't fulfill them.

For example:

Two years ago I decided that I needed to drink more water. It's so simple and so important. While I did drink water (obviously) I didn't really drink anymore than usual.

Last year I decided that I wanted to go for the water idea again and to add to it I wanted to use all eco-friendly/biodegradable shampoo and shower products. Again, not so much happened. While I tried to find truly earth friendly products the search was really difficult. Organic does not mean that after it goes down the drain that it is all that good. And things like castile soap make your hair feel like hay. So I gave up.

This year I'm thinking that I should write a list of things I want to do within the next year and just see how many I can do. Ambitious I know but by giving myself more options I may actually do one or two of them and honestly thats better than any other year.

I do have a life aspirations list but some of those items are much larger than things I can accomplish in this next year but there are definitely some that I could start or try to fulfill.

Here are some of my goals-

-learn to play the guitar
-make exercise a priority for overall health
-go to a protest
-try vegetarianism
-master French macarons
- use biodegradable shower products
-drink more water
-save money
-learn to surf

I think I can do at least 2 or 3 of these if not more.

I truly do like the idea behind resolutions/goals. It kind of reminds you that you can be and do what you want. That its never too late to make a change and have the intention to change. And imagine the satisfaction of accomplishing those goals and seeing the effect it has on your life.

2010 was definitely a difficult year for me. Graduating college, looking for jobs, my grandmothers cancer diagnosis and her passing. I am ready to bring in 2011.


  1. Happy New Year B! 2011....what?!?!? Those sound like good sound new year resolutions...I particularly like the one about travel and surfing and of course vegetarianism! I think you'll be able to complete most if not all of those! Cheers to the new year!

  2. let's do that travel thing for sure! Who's up for Peru in October??


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