Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flash back

Ok so true story, when moving to DC I forgot my memory card so no pictures for the next week or two and my sneakers. So no working out and no pictures of desserts. This seems like the perfect way to closet eat desserts and not have to admit to it.

Hopefully this will not happen.

For now I will just have to blog about baking adventures of the past.

See these little buggers?

The ever elusive French macaron. These little things are a beast to master. And everyone has the "right" recipe and technique to make them.

Basically these almond meringue sandwich cookies should be light and airy with shiny smooth tops and come in delicious flavours like pistachio, apricot, chocolate, lemon, raspberry etc.

I've tried to make them twice after traveling to Paris. And I am still trying to figure them out. Oh and I will master these. After all it is on my new years goal list.

The first time I made chocolate macarons which turned out too dense. The second time I made vanilla, the picture above, they turned out much better. The cookie was light and the feet* were perfect but I made them too big/thick and I pureed the almonds rather than buying almond flour. I used jenna's recipe from her project food blog video.

*feet are the little foamy area at the bottom of the cookie.

And don't even get me started on the filling, that was a nightmare. White chocolate raspberry ganache turned into more of a thick weird pink colored bowl of gunk.

Let's move on...I sure have.

Stay tuned for more macaron attempts. Next time I think I will try pistachio! J'adore macaron pistach!

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